Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey Ho! It's a new blog.

Welcome to the Wednesday Weigh-in Club!

I grabbed this blogger address almost 2 years ago. That's when I was losing weight like gangbusters... before one of the most severe pain flares of my life hit. It threw me off track in most aspects of life, not just the losing weight part. The diet and this blog went down in flames.

For those of you new to my story, here is the CliffsNotes version:

I lived with an undiagnosed auto-immune disease for 20 years. My entire adult life has been plagued with seasons of joint pain and swelling along with a plethora of other symptoms. Despite being examined by numerous specialists, I was almost 40 years old before receiving the proper diagnosis of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and "probably lupus." My symptoms most resemble lupus. That's the reason for the "probably lupus" part. However, I also have symptoms associated with other auto-immune diseases, like RA. That creates the "mixed" part. MCTD is like the tossed salad of the auto-immune world-- a little of this and little of that.

My treatment began in December 2012, and here I am 6 months later feeling better than I have since my teens. I'm not 100% -- probably never will be. I am still fighting fatigue and mental fog (thus the really bad simile in the previous paragraph ;) Thankfully, I am free from the daily nagging, aching, all-over-my-body pain, something that I didn't realize was as bad as it was until it was gone.

Now, it's time for me to move into phase 2 of my get-better plan: improving my diet and losing weight. Reporting in weekly keeps me motivated and helps me to resist those little temptations. (I have seriously passed on decadent desserts and awesome carb-filled snacks just because I want my Wednesday Weigh-in to be good!)

I started this segment over at my homeschool blog, Olive Plants. Click over if you want to read about my progress up to this point. I am opening this blog up for business (FINALLY) because I want to get back to a homeschool focus at OP.

So, let's get to it. This week I did pretty well....

I lost 4.2 pounds!
That brings my total weight loss to 20.2 pounds!!

Yee Haw! What a great way to celebrate the launching of this blog!

I am counting calories at My Fitness Pal. You can join me if you want. User: auroracarina. You can also follow this blog in a variety of ways (just check out the sidebar) and join the club by starting your own weigh-in blog. I don't plan to add linkies each week. With MCTD/Lupus, I have to keep my world as easy-to-manage as possible, and adding linkies stresses me out. However, you can put your links in comments, and I will come visit. :)

I hope to see you back here each Wednesday.

Hey, don't eat that cupcake!

Disclaimer: I am not a health or fitness expert or a medical professional. My sole intent is to report on my progress and not to advise anyone concerning their health or weight loss. Please seek the advice of a medical professional and take what I write with a grain of salt. (Sea salt if you want to go organic. lol)


  1. I love the new blog! And wowza - 4 lbs. and 20 lbs. total!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Seriously, your focus just amazes me! It's definitely an encouragement to me.

    My weigh-in was not nearly so spectacular; I stayed exactly the same. I was expecting a gain, so I'll take it. Sorry I've been MIA on MFP the last couple of weeks. I'm starting back up with tracking today. : )

  2. Thank you! The human brain weighs about 3 pounds, so I'm wondering if I lost the normal one pound plus my marbles. haha

    I'm not keeping close tabs on you at MFP... just doing my best to send encouragement your way. I think you're doing so great with exercise. You probably don't have as much weight to lose as I do, so that's probably why I'm dropping so much. I'm scared it's going to come to a screeching halt in the near future. I won't be as motivated when I start losing less.